Hillary Clinton collaborates on a thriller about a world in chaos

In the image a record of the former presidential candidate and former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  EFE / Jonathan Ernst / Archive In the image a record of the former presidential candidate and former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. . / Jonathan Ernst / Archive

New York, Feb 23 . .- Former US presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton collaborates with Canadian writer Louise Penny on a fictional political “thriller” about the challenge of rebuilding US leadership in the world after some terrorist attacks, the editorial announced on Tuesday.
The novel “State of Terror” will hit bookstores on October 12 under the imprint of the printer Simon & Schuster and St. Martin’s Press and edited by Jennifer Enderlin, a collaborator of the former Secretary of State and Donald Trump’s rival in the elections. of 2016.
“When it was suggested that my friend Hillary and I write a political thriller together, I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough,” Penny said in a statement.
Penny assured that she has tried to find out what would have been Clinton’s “worst nightmare” when she was Secretary of State to President Barack Obama and has reflected it in the novel that the editor defines as “a unique collaboration between two friends and fans of crime fiction “.
The fictional novel has certain parallels with reality, since according to the synopsis of the book the story follows “a rookie secretary of state who joins the administration of her rival, a president invested after four years of a mandate that reduced America’s leadership in the world. ”
Clinton was named head of US diplomacy in 2009 by Barack Obama, who prevailed over her in the Democratic primary and later in the general elections to Republican John McCain.
However, the role of the United States on the international stage was particularly diminished during the four years after Obama, during the presidency of Donald Trump between 2017 and January 2021.
In the novel, the Secretary of State is the protagonist of an adventure in which she must solve a “deadly conspiracy” designed to take advantage of the fact that the United States no longer has the global presence it used to have “in the places where it matters most,” according to the publisher’s statement.
The former Secretary of State is the author of seven books, but this is her first collaboration on a thriller, with an author who is well known in the genre.
In 2018, her husband and former president Bill Clinton co-authored another thriller with writer James Patterson titled “The President is Missing.”