Hill suggests Verstappen intentionally collided with Hamilton

Verstappen and Hamilton met at the Monza track on lap 26 of Sunday’s race as the Briton came out of the pits and the Dutchman was looking to make up ground after a slow pit stop.

Both reached the first chicane of the Italian circuit together, they went through the first corner together and in the second Verstappen cut over the curbs when he ran out of space, his car lifted and went to get on the Hamilton car.

The two protagonists for the 2021 F1 drivers’ championship left the race on the spot and Verstappen was later found guilty by the stewards, who imposed a three-position penalty for the starting grid of the next Russian Grand Prix.

The magnitude of the incident generated a large number of opinions, including that of Damon Hill, 1996 Formula 1 world champion.

“I have to say, seeing Max replay over Lewis at Turn 1, there was no way that would work,” Hill told Britain’s Sky Sports F1.

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In the view of the former British driver, Verstappen should have avoided a touch, as Hamilton did at the start of the race at Monza, and suggested that what the Red Bull did was intentional.

“He should have taken evasive action, like Lewis did in the second chicane previously to avoid an accident, so the only conclusion is that he could have been thinking, ‘I have to get it out,'” Hill shot.

“I don’t want to think that of any driver, but I think it was an error in judgment or a calculated move to collide with Lewis,” added who lost the 1994 world championship after being hit by Michael sSchumacher in Adelaide’s final race.

“It’s something strong, strong, and I don’t like the idea of ​​accusing anyone of doing that, but he had a points advantage and this was a race that Mercedes had to win. It’s all of that, and Max has still come out with his lead. in the championship “.

Secondly David Coulthard, F1 world runner-up in 2001, called the crash “a racing incident” in dialogue with

“They (Verstappen and Hamilton) are driving the cars. Neither of us are driving the cars, the stewards are not driving the cars. They both want to win, they go wheel-to-wheel,” added the former Red Bull driver.

“I don’t think either of them had a deliberate intention, that’s why they make the decisions. You have two of the best drivers in the world making decisions about what they think is right in the heat of the moment. Neither of them, in that heat of the moment. situation, he is going to say: yes, it was my fault. Both are going to blame the other, “Coulthard concluded.

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