Hilario Pino, direct to the ‘trending topic’ for what he did in this interview with Pablo Montesinos

Hilario Pino and Pablo Montesinos, in ‘LaSexta Noche’. (Photo: LASEXTA)

Hilario Pino, presenter last night of LaSexta Noche, has been a ‘trending topic’ for much of the morning this Sunday after his interview with the Vice Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party, Pablo Montesinos.

Especially intense was the moment in which Pino asked the leader of the PP for the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, which those of Pablo Casado keep blocked.

“Almost a thousand days of delay and the PP that now says that it wants the judges to choose the judges within that CGPJ. You have governed with an absolute majority on two occasions and you have not modified this form of election of the members of the Council ”, stated Pino.

Montesinos denied the major and affirmed that Pedro Sánchez “censures himself because the one who has blocked this process has been the president.” “If Sánchez wants tomorrow, he is unblocked. If you want to renew the constitutional bodies based on European standards and as indicated by the community institutions, we can do it tomorrow ”, he said.

″ Based on what European standards? ”Asked Pino.

“Those claimed by the EU,” replied Montesinos.

″ Under what conditions? ”, Insisted the presenter.

“In the reinforcement of judicial independence as the EU said yesterday,” said the leader of the PP.

″ Right now you don’t think it is an independent judiciary, then? ”Asked Pino.

“No, what the PP is asking is to reinforce judicial independence as the EU brand. So much so that when the PSOE and Podemos brought the judicial chieftain to Congress, the EU said no and Mr. Sánchez had to withdraw it, ”Montesinos clarified.

“But you have governed for many years and you have not modified that way of electing judges and now suddenly, with that excuse, you paralyze the renewal. They could have, why haven’t they? This model was worth to you, now it is not worth it ”, insisted Pino.

Visibly uncomfortable at the insistence of the journalist, Montesinos answered assuring that “Pablo Casado’s proposal that the judges choose the judges is already in the General Courts” and accusing Sánchez of not having called the leader of the PP since the conflict with Morocco in May.

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“Pablo Casado called. Sánchez told him that he would keep him informed. He didn’t call him again, ”Montesinos complained.

“But the reality is that this is only renewed when the PSOE governs, when the PP governs there is no renewal,” said Pino.

The PP leader insisted on asking Sánchez to “unlock the phone” and negotiate the renewal “based on what the European institutions are telling us.”

“Based on what the PP wants,” interrupted the presenter, “I don’t know if to continue controlling the Constitutional Court, I don’t know if that is one of the reasons.”

“It is that the PP does not say it, the EU says it,” answered Montesinos, who assured that Casado “has always been a flag of it.”

“And the Constitution says that the Judicial Power emanates from the people and the people are represented in Parliament, therefore it is not so unconstitutional for Parliament to elect judges,” added the presenter.

“Nobody has said that it is unconstitutional,” clarified Montesinos, who assures that Sánchez raised this formula at the time, during the electoral campaign.

An interview that has generated all kinds of comments and has made Hilario Pino a ‘trending topic’:

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