Gonzalo Higuain, current Juventus footballer, recalled his time with the Argentine National Team and spoke again about the controversial move he lived with Manuel Neuer in the 2014 World Cup final. That day, the German goalkeeper took the Argentine forward, but referee Nicola Rizzoli did not charge a penalty.

I think it is criminal. The goalkeeper kneeled me before and then touched the ball. That disables me from reaching the ball. Let’s put it backwards. If it is a center to the area, I pitch to the goal and hit Neuer’s knee, what is it? If he doesn’t hit me in the face, I don’t know if he touches the ball. Besides, I never look at him, I never know where he is, “said the forward, in dialogue with TyC Sports.

Along the same lines, he added: “We do not compete equally, because some say it is a way of defending the goalkeeper. And mine? I have no defense? I can’t jump with my knee. He has the sale to be able to jump with the hand and the knee. I am not a small area, which they say is from the goalkeeper, it was in a large area. “

“The worst thing of all is that he charged my foul. That’s where you suspected, because he was a winger for Argentina and that’s it, but he charged foul for Germany. So …” said Pipita, who still doesn’t forget that play.

For his part, he reflected on his time at the Argentina National Team: “In the Selection I gave everything. There are specific circumstances in which my career cannot be analyzed. I scored nine goals and Leo Messi 10 in the Qualifying round before Brazil 2014 and nobody remembers that. I am among the top five or six top scorers and nobody remembers. They only remember specific things that I suffered at the time, but now I have overcome. Today I find love in people and the truth that leaves me alone. “

I believe that everything puts things in their place. I’m not thinking much about it, I’m a positive person who tries to smile, but sometimes there are situations in life where you can’t do it if you’re not happy. The family suffers the most, but that’s it. They are things that were left behind. Today I keep looking forward and I left with a calm head because I know that until the last day I gave my all. When I couldn’t do it, I decided to step aside, “he closed.