Highlights from 40: hairdressers choose the most rejuvenating shades

Personalization is synonymous with success in any color job, and the great thing about highlights is that trends go way beyond putting a few blonde highlights on interspersed strands. The base tone is a fundamental variant when it comes to achieving a perfect result and the experts find the ideal bleaching for those with light, brown or brunette hair with a tailored application and just as flattering in each case. The times that the client visits the salon is also key for hairdressers, who are able to create a low-maintenance shade to preserve a beautiful hair without the need to touch it up every month and a half. As for age, color specialists know which colors look best after 40 and nons discover the characteristics of the most rejuvenating looks. VIEW GALLERY-Do you always wear your hair down? These are the highlights for you The power of clear reflections All specialists agree that, if we seek to rejuvenate our features instantly, clear reflections are the winners. "Without a doubt, the most flattering tones are the lightest, which manage to soften and illuminate the face. Depending on the base, they can be blonde, golden, honey or copper.", reveals Álex Sestelo, stylist and director of the salon that bears his name. An opinion he shares with Felicitas Ordás, from Felicitas Hair, who remembers that this does not mean that you have to go platinum: "The lighter shades are undoubtedly the ones that rejuvenate the most, bring luminosity and that is what makes us associate them with younger faces. That does not mean that brunettes or chestnuts should go blonde, simply that adding small nuances or reflections in honey, gold or copper tones will achieve a more renewed appearance". Regarding the method of application, Sestelo advises playing with the strands in which the reflections are applied to beautify the features with strategic points of light: "The countouring hair technique that plays with light and medium tones throughout the length of the hair, always taking into account the cut of the face, is very flattering. As with makeup, with hair contouring, lighter tones and points of light are placed in certain areas of the hair closest to the face depending on the shape of the facial oval.". -Penélope Cruz, like you’ve never seen her before … with the blonde highlights that rejuvenate the most As for the prohibited colors, from the Álex Sestelo Salon they point to personalization as the key to achieving the ideal result and, although they do not rule out any tone, they do remember that the objective is to bet on luminosity: "It depends on each case, but in general, if the features are hardening, the ideal is to play with shades that soften and lighten our base, so I would not recommend excessively dark tones". First signs of agingAlthough gray hair is the most obvious sign that, like skin, hair also feels the passage of time, Álex Sestelo reveals other signs that appear after 40: "The hormonal changes and typical of this vital stage can also cause the proteins that our hair naturally possesses to be lost. This causes the hair to become more rebellious, which costs us more to tame it. The resource of applying color to camouflage gray hair and opt for treatments that restructure the hair fiber will be the solutions for this.". Raquel Saiz, from Salón Blue, also recalls that the lower collagen production also has its consequences on the hair: "From the age of 40 our body begins to decrease the production of collagen, the protein that is also present in the skin, and is responsible for the flexibility and resistance of the hair. Being more scarce, it causes the hair to thin, dry out, dull and even change its structure in some cases, both in fine and curly hair".VIEW GALLERY-You still don’t know the fashion highlights that chestnut influencers fall in love with? New care at home For hair specialists, natural is better and this is assured by Manuel Mon, from Manuel Mon Estilistas: "First of all, it is essential to use quality products, better if they include natural principles, for washing and conditioning. Then there is the use of hydrating masks, serums and oils that always provide intense and long-lasting care. We will choose these products taking into account the specific characteristics of our hair, such as texture and thickness.". The hairdresser also reveals a tip with which to enhance the positive effects of the ritual: "And as advice during washing, to prolong the effects of the products that we have used during the shower, it is better to finish with warm or cold water to close the cuticle and activate blood circulation". The hairdresser and image consultant Gonzalo Zarauza, takes the opportunity to emphasize the importance of the formulas that are chosen to take care of hair: "The key when applying a product is not only in how we do it, but also in its formulation. The active ingredients of great purity and whose structure is similar to that of our hair, are always those that provide the greatest benefits, especially in the long term"Next, it offers the list of the most recommended ingredients when it comes to finding an effective routine: "I recommend hydrolyzed keratin for fine hair, babassu to create volume, jojoba to regenerate and olive oil as a powerful antioxidant. The purer and more concentrated, the better. And another important aspect, stress, we must keep our silent enemy under control and reinforce the natural beauty of our hair with a healthy diet.". VIEW GALLERY-Do this before washing your hair to have it beautiful (and without frizz) Professional treatments"If you choose to color your hair, you will need specific products that respect and protect this aspect, as well as treatments capable of controlling hair rebellion, such as restructuring agents.", Alex Sestelo warns. In your salon you can find these types of protocols, such as HairREVIVE, a deep strengthening ritual: "It is the first treatment in the world with hair biotechnology, whose power enhances internal and external hair regeneration. It acts directly on the hair structure, thanks to its complex formulation, its moisturizing and revitalizing action not only acts on the hair, but also on the scalp"Finally, Jose Garcia from Jose Garcia Peluqueros, reveals which protocol he recommends the most: "Enzyme therapy is another of the restorative and restructuring treatments that restore lost vitality to the hair. Being an organic process, without formaldehyde or other harmful derivatives, it takes care of the hair in a natural way, in addition to correcting frizz and straightening". Tannic acid is one of the star assets of the procedure, of which the specialist explains that it is "present in the skin of grapes, oak bark and chestnut, penetrates the hair with the action of heat and enzymes act from within the fiber, filling it and providing more body and density. The result is a hydrated, revitalized and beautiful mane".