high suspense in an oppressive environment

There was a good basis for The boarding school: Las Cumbres, series that premieres Amazon prime this Friday, February 19. Its predecessor, the very successful The boarding school: Laguna Negra, It was all the rage in Spain when it aired between 2007 and 2010, and from there arose those who today are great movie and TV stars: Ana de Armas, Blanca Suárez, Martín Rivas Y Yon González.

This kind of reboot takes advantage of the new structure of the audiovisual industry, totally globalized, and takes an even darker and more adult turn despite being starring teenagers.

The events now take place in a boarding school located next to an old monastery, in an inaccessible place between the mountains, completely isolated of the world. Although it is an institute where education is imparted, Las Cumbres is the closest thing to a juvenile prison. And it is that their students are sent there by their parents, all from wealthy families, who look for an alternative to get their students back on track. rebellious children, many of them potential criminals.


Constant tension (some spoilers)


This « dark » student woman begins with the expected scenes that show the tension between an iron -many cruel – discipline and the antics of young people who cannot escape. Of course, they live dreaming of doing it, but the place is a trap: behind the cold and imposing walls, there is only a terrifying forest and no one to ask for help.

The principal is unshakable, the teachers do not know empathy and they all have their dirty secrets. Students know they are trapped until their parents decide to release them. Like in a prisonAnyone who commits a serious offense spends time in isolation (the « refrigerator »), a dirty room without light.

In this oppressive context, Amaia (Asia Ortega) is the « terrible » boarding school. Charismatic, daring, disobedient and a bit bully, her world turns upside down when she tries to sneak out of the monastery with her boyfriend Manu (Daniel Arias, son of Imanol Arias Y Pastora Vega), he falls off a cliff in the middle of the night and, passed out, is dragged by a strange being with a mask that disappears.

The situation makes Amaia desperate Paul (Albert salazar), friend of both. But no one listens to his search requests: neither the school authorities nor the police seem to care. In one of her many escapades through the forbidden areas of the building, Amaia discovers paintings from the time of the Black Death and he sees several men portrayed with the characteristic masks used by doctors of that time, with a bird’s beak. The same one that the man who kidnapped Manu wore.

Inés, the traumatized and mysterious student.

From there, the strange events begin to weave into a spider web that its protagonists try to unveil, always persecuted and co-opted by their teachers-jailers. There is an aberrant murder that shocks everyone, but everything aims to « resolve » quickly and forget about it.

Agnes (Claudia riera) is perhaps the most mysterious character. Retracted and friendless, she suffers the consequences of a strong trauma which results in insomnia, terrifying visions and the curse of anticipating dire events. Daughter of the director of the boarding school (the Argentine Ramiro Blas), a man full of secrets and somewhat authoritarian, may be the key to unraveling what really happens in that place, behind the shadows.

With highly accomplished suspenseful scenes and a quality cast, El internado: Las Cumbres has 8 episodes and fulfills its mission of catching the viewer. And, from yapa; a nice appearance by Blanca Suárez and Yon González “out of context” that the fans will love.

A group of socially misfit teenagers will discover terrible things.