High compliance with Covid-19 protocols on the coast

The Government of Buenos Aires controlled almost 800 establishments on the Atlantic Coast, where compliance with the 93% prevention protocols against Covid-19.
« It was a very positive conclusion of the operation. Most met these requirements and there was a high commitment from employers to respect and adhere to these measures to prevent the advance of the pandemic, « said the provincial Labor Minister, Mara Ruiz Malec.
The Buenosairean official affirmed that the high compliance « was the result of the strong campaign carried out by the Province and the work articulated with the chambers and union representatives of the different sectors. »
With more than 2 thousand inspection actions In the coastal districts, 761 establishments were controlled -which reached 4,872 workers- during the summer and violated 31% of that total.
However, most of the faults were not related to the sanitary measures ordered by the pandemic.
93% of the companies and businesses inspected complied with the prevention protocols for Covid-19, as established by Resolution 135/20.
« The inspection had an effective result in terms of prevention. Six out of ten companies intimate to adapt some aspect of health and safety at work, they corrected him on the second visit, « said Ré.
And, on the other hand, lack of registration of personnel or incorrect settlement of salaries was detected in a minimal portion of the places inspected.
In fact, 72.5 percent of the establishments surveyed complied with the regulations.
The operation included multiple actions on the Atlantic coast, such as those carried out by the Undersecretaries of Employment and Labor Relations, which arranged the installation of stands, at various points, to offer information about labor programs, proposals, and provide free legal advice for workers.
The team of lawyers of the The labor portfolio served some 300 people who asked questions about specific conflicts, as well as others related to access to work and employment programs for the unemployed.