‘Hierro’: A judge to silence them all

« Are they going to let me finish? » « I can talk? » « Can I do my job? » The viewers of the first season of Hierro (Movistar +) already understood that the patience and stoicism of the judge Candela Montes (played by Candela Peña) will always be proportional to the number of times the men will try to interrupt her. That comfort from what we learned, that déjà vu that in internet language is reduced to repetitive, sonorous and powerful “say it!”, Invades us again in the second season that premiered last Friday. Relieved and trained, like that well-being that getting into those sheets that we already know from the parental home provides, we toast (not so figuratively) with our screen every time his lordship commands the mansplainers to be silenced without their always impeccable and aspirational bangs trembling.

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With two episodes aired to this date – the next ones will be posted every Friday on a weekly basis – the second season of Hierro, the project created by Pepe Coira and Alfonso Blanco and directed by Jorge Coira, certify that this fiction set in the most remote island de las Canarias is capable of surpassing itself. That this black drama neither loses steam nor disappoints after solving the mystery of who killed Fran, the plot that moved the interest of the initial season. On the one hand, the new stage is still connected with various characters and functions as a kind of epilogue to what happened. There they are, huge, Díaz (Dario Grandinettti) and his daughter Pilar (Kimberley Tell), dealing from their banana tree with unsolved drug trafficking shenanigans with the heterodox as well as fascinating and Lynchian family clan of Samir (the character of Antonia San Juan will always be present, like that imposing portrait that presides in that enigmatic room of his colonial home). On the other, the season introduces new characters that connect everyone to each other. Gaspar Varela (Matías Varela), an ambitious mafia speculator fanatic of the shirt and a Santiago Abascal brown jacket, facing custody of his daughters – Ágata (Naira Lleó) and Dácil (Helena Sempere) – with his ex-partner, Lucía ( Aroha Fahez) in a conflict that will divide the island into two sides.

Without losing that halo of magnetism towards the sublime and overwhelming of an island that stands as one more protagonist, the terrain draws visual parallels with the plot between the colossal and magnetic planes of the most brutal and unpredictable nature. Dealing with those tall mists crammed into power suits and pencil skirts and without giving up her heels to climb cobbled streets, Hierro once again crowned Judge Montes, a well-deserved triumph for Candela Peña at the Feroz and Actors Union awards. 2020, in that godlike team of charismatic and determined women on television – that’s for those with a good eye; for those of misogynistic tradition they will be edges and stretched. A league in which the lawyer Diane Lockhart of The Good Fight, the inspector Laia Urquijo of Riot Control or the detective Stella Gibson of The Fall also play with ease. In Hierro, that implacable judge who has ended up being punished on an island furthest from the peninsula for questioning too many things, is also a courageous mother and a vulnerable woman affected by the guilt of her not easy decisions.

In the first season, a local explains to the judge that the murdered man was a bit of a « machango », which according to the local jargon is « a great guy, but a bit of an asshole. » In times when many of us would like to have that firmness to shout that « Can I speak? » Amid so much ambient noise, it is to see that judge « used to problems » sensibly claim her place and the pandemic spectator cannot help but sigh and think how much we need a Candela Montes to ask for a place and to shut up, once and for all , to all the machangos to deal with.