Hidroconta digitizes the urban water networks of Spain and Portugal | News | Connectivity

Hydroconta has carried out two urban water digitization projects. These initiatives have been possible thanks to the LoRaWAN network from Redexia, the first in Spain of the LPWAN type, a low-consumption communications technology specially designed for IoT.

The first one is a pilot project of remote reading with the Hidrogestión company, linked to the ACS Group, whose activity is focused on the comprehensive management of water services and other municipal public services. The execution has been carried out in the municipality of Alcaudete (Jaén), specifically in the district of Bobadilla. In this town, 120 computers have been replaced by Centinel ultrasonic meters with LoRaWAN communications.

Hidroconta digitizes the urban water networks of Spain and Portugal.

The second urban water digitization project has been deployed in Portugal, in Freguesía de Trute, and focuses on the remote reading of consumption for the local council, also with Centinel R400 ultrasonic meters with LoRaWan technology, where 98 computers have been installed in private homes.

Centinel units are small-caliber ultrasonic meters ideal for homes, since they can be installed without taking into account straight sections, neither at the entrance nor at the exit of the meter. The supplier also has a high precision (R400) that helps save water. In terms of digitization, it has a communication module incorporated that can be configured according to the needs of each project.

Hidroconta’s ultrasonic water meter includes standard settings basic alarms which will be communicated to the manager’s website, in this case the Demeter platform. These alarms will be leak, break, freeze or counter without consumption.

The new era of the Internet of Things (IoT) makes it essential to have an ally in telecommunications. Hidroconta has trusted Redexia to carry out these aforementioned projects, counting on its high-range LoRaWan network that offers long-distance connectivity with triple encryption, outdoor / indoor geolocation, bidirectional sending of small data packets and ultra-minimal electricity consumption, thus avoiding the recurring problem of battery consumption.

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