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Famed video game developer Hideo Kojima not only has a great taste for video games, but is also a movie buff, and it is precisely his passion for the seventh art that has influenced his work in the video game industry. Well, thanks to his knowledge of cinema and video games, the Japanese creative will soon be a jury member of one of the most important film festivals in the world.

The Venice Biennale Cultural Foundation announced that Hideo Kojima will be on the jury for the 77th Venice International Film Festival, which will take place from September 2 to 12, 2020.

This edition will be made up of 4 competitions: Venice 77, Horizontes, Venice Prize « Luigi De Laurentiis » for the Best Debut Film and Virtual Reality of Venice, each with their respective presidents and juries.

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Kojima will be part of a jury with recognized members of the film industry

Hideo Kojima was invited to be a member of the international jury of the Virtual Reality section of Venice, which will recognize the best virtual reality experiences with the awards Grand Jury Prize for the best VR work, Best immersive VR user experience and Best Immersive VR Story.

The video game developer will share this honor with film and documentary director Asif Kapadia, whose documentary Amy won the Oscar for best documentary and has participated in multiple award-winning productions.

The president of the jury will be Celine Tricart, a renowned narrator who through her productions gives voice to minorities in the filming process and who won the Lion for the best virtual reality immersion in the last edition of the festival.

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“Hideo Kojima is the video game author known worldwide for pushing the limits of creativity in this field. Widely considered the father of the stealth genre and action games based on the player’s ability to avoid being detected by the enemy, ”reads the creative description provided by the Venice Biennale.

It is important to say that this festival will be the first major film event to be held in person after the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) was unleashed.

What do you think of Kojima’s recent achievement? Do you love watching movies like the japanese developer? Will you be watching the Italian film festival? Tell us in the comments.

As for video games, Hideo Kojima recently gave a lot to talk about after his colleague Junji Ito, famed manga writer and illustrator, hinted that they could both work on a horror video game. However, the Japanese artist later clarified that there is still nothing formal about it. If you want to know more about Kojima, we invite you to check this page.

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