HiBy R3 Pro / Pro Saber: Ultra-compact DAPs with premium sound

Do you want music of the highest sound quality in the palm of your hand? Check out these Digital Audio Players.

The HiBy R3 Pro is a super compact DAP that maintains the good features of the previous R3 model, such as the user interface, operating system and exterior design. However, it does include some changes to its DNA that improve power and sound quality. For its part, the Saber version comes ‘recharged’ and offers even more power output. In turn, the R3 Pro, while retaining the appearance, improves the sound performance: it now has two CS43131 DACs and an amplifier that offers up to 210 mW per channel in balanced mode. It also doubles the playback time for a better user experience.

Ultra compact design

HiBy follows its traditions and uses buttons for controls. On the left there is a volume rocker, on the right – playback buttons, multi-color LED and on / off button. In the center there is a small bump that helps to easily find the necessary buttons. The size is extremely compact and the side buttons are right where you want them to be, it weighs only 95 grams and has a 3.2 ″ screen.

Clearer, more powerful sound

The R3 Pro offers superior sound quality than the original R3; it has better speed, dynamics, separation and sound stage. The sound is cleaner and clearer, the instruments have better dynamism, while the bass is warmer with a higher definition in the low mids. Better controlled and textured bass means high-quality sound, simply because it doesn’t interfere with other frequencies. The mids are also clean and with more detail, even offering better control and dynamics in highs.

R3 Pro Saber

On the other hand, HiBy has designed the R3 Pro SABER for the most demanding. This model not only allows you to enjoy Hi-Res sound, it also offers more power compared to the two previous models. The new Saber uses the ESS 9218P for DAC and amplification functions, resulting in slightly higher power on the Saber (280 mW vs. 210 mW for the R3 Pro).

R3 Pro and R3 Pro Saber: improvements for lovers of good sound

The Saber is more detailed, aggressive and precise, while the chip version of Cirrus Logic (R3 Pro) is a bit warmer, smoother and more forgiving of poor source formats. Those looking for an indulgent DAP to use with their old MP3 collection may prefer the R3 Pro, those wanting maximum precision will love the Saber.

In other words, those looking for a new DAP with better features at a contained price should consider the HiBy brand. The R3 Pro and Pro Saber are the best choice among DAPs under 300 euros for those looking for a Hi-Res player with power and good tonality.

Technical specifications

Screen: 3.2 ”480 x 360 Dimensions: 82 x 61 x 13 mm Weight: 0.95 gr Formats: 32 bit / 384 kHz, DSD256 Features: Tidal + MQA 4x, Qobuz, Internet Radio, Pedometer Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 5 GHZ Operating System: HiBy OS BT codecs: UAT, LDAC, aptX, AAC, SBC USB DAC: yes Outputs: SE, Bal 2.5 mm, line, coax Battery: up to 19 hours (PO) / 14 hours (BAL ) R3 Pro: DAC: Cirrus Logic Dual CS43131 3.5 mm output power: 60 mW 2.5 mm output power: 210 mW R3 Pro Saber: DAC: 2x SABER ESS9218P 3.5 mm output power: 80mW 2.5mm balanced output: 280mW

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