“Hey Spotify” the music platform tests its own voice assistant

The application could now be activated with an external voice assistant such as Siri or Alexa

Several ‘premium’ iOS and Android users have been given the option to experiment with this new feature

The company is developing a specific ‘hardware’ device to control music by voice in cars

Remote control of devices through voice is increasingly widespread. Because Spotify, the streaming music app, has decided to join this trend by developing its own voice assistant with which to manage the reproductions of its catalog.

Just say “Hey Spotify”, followed by what we want to reproduce or do, and the platform will proceed to execute it. At the moment it is a function in tests for a limited number of premium users of both iOS and Android, who have received notifications to experiment with this new possibility.

This new way of voice search allows the user to exclusively play the content of an artist, a playlist, a podcast or an albumTherefore, apart from starting the process through the “Hey, Spotify” command, the service does not add new functionalities outside of the already existing voice search.

In early March it was announced that the company was testing a voice assistant with the command “Hey, Spotify” by the discovery of the expert in reverse engineering Jane Manchun Wong. In addition, since 2019, Spotify prepares a device called ‘Car Thing’ for users to control the operation of the app by voice.

The control of Spotify by voice could already be done by assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Google. But the Swedish company had been working for a long time to make it something possible from your own application. Although in this sense forces to have it open for it to work.

Control through voice is key for Spotify, which would be developing a specific hardware called ‘Car Thing’, for the reproduction of its catalog in cars, where handling without the need for hands is essential.