“Hey Spotify” lets you play music on your smartphone without touching it

Some Spotify users can now use voice command Hey Spotify to activate the new “virtual assistant” that the streaming music service offers within its app, thus allowing you to search for songs without the need to touch your smartphone. The function is now available on iOS and Android, although it is not yet accessible to all who have an account on the platform. It is expected that in the coming days it will be active for everyone.

The operation of “Hey Spotify” is quite simple and does not represent anything revolutionary. What Spotify did was add a voice command that lets you search or play songs, albums, or playlists without using your hands.

In a way, this new tool has elements similar to the use of Siri or the Google assistant, at least in terms of its activation. The main difference is that the command “Hey Spotify” only works when the device screen is on and the app is open.

Spotify, another app that will «listen» to you

Hey Spotify is the new voice command introduced in the iPhone and Android apps.Original images credit: GSM Arena

Users who have already accessed the Spotify virtual assistant received a notification inviting them to activate the function. In full activation, the platform explains that, to fulfill the requests made by users through voice, you must record the audio you capture through the microphone of the smartphone.

This means that the application is continuously listening while it is open, waiting for the command to “wake up” the virtual assistant. The company clarifies that only saves search recordings or transcripts made after saying “Hey Spotify” or pressing the microphone for voice search.

Other users have been able to activate the assistant from the application settings, entering the “Interactions with voice” section. If after trying it, people find that the feature does not add anything new or is invasive to their privacy, they can deactivate it.

According to GSM Arena, Spotify is likely to pretend with this virtual assistant incentivize users to take advantage of voice search. This function was incorporated in 2019 for Premium accounts, but strikingly it is not available to all users, at least in Latin America.

This option is not intended to drastically change the current experience of users, but it can be useful for those who have Spotify always in the foreground while studying or working. It is not yet known if the voice command “Hey Spotify” will also be incorporated into the desktop versions.