Alexa has updated its features and enabled the option to say ‘Hey Samuel’ to activate with the voice of actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Than voice assistants use celebrity voices It is one of the objectives that large companies have had for a long time. At the moment, this option is mainly focusing on actors, but perhaps with singers and other artists it could also work. The power was activated long ago use Samuel L. Jackson’s voice with Alexa and now they have gone one step further.

Having the original voice of an actor can be a curiosity or a pleasure for many. We well know that they are one of the celebrities who draw the most followers and there is the possibility of making them repeat phrases that we like from their films. In the case of Samuel L. Jackson, it could be from Pulp Fiction or one of his films like Nick Fury..

With the latest update from Amazon, The phrase ‘Hey Samuel’ has been enabled so that it directly attends you with the voice of the actor and thus achieve greater customization, since they well know in the company that these details tend to enchant users.

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According to Android Police, this functionality is being activated on most Echo devicesAlthough the first generation Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Look will not be able to have it.

This Alexa novelty can be purchased for $ 0.99, but is currently only available in English. In addition to the actor being able to give you the weather, news, answer questions and any other usual use, you can also change trigger word to make it a more comfortable or comical one.

The option of using famous voices is not new, but it is gaining strength, because above all is a way to promote voice assistants and consequently smart speakers. Think about the voice of which artist you would like to wake up to every morning, surely you can think of someone for whom it would be worth paying almost a dollar.