If a few months ago we told you that Google had canceled the Google I / O meeting, and that instead it would hold online meetings, today, with the announcement of the event Hey Google, dedicated to company solutions for smart and connected home, the announcement that the search engine company will maintain, at least in the short term, the policy of carrying out all its events through the Internet is confirmed.

Specifically, this is a meeting for developers that will take place on July 8, and which will focus on their smart and connected home solutions. Hey Google will start with a lecture by Michele Turner, director of product management for Google’s Smart Home ecosystem. Turner will speak about the latest initiatives in the field of smart home products from the technology giant and will introduce new tools that will make it easier for developers to implement Google Assistant solutions.

Then it will take place a panel discussion with representatives from Google, IKEA, LG, Tuya and Vizio in which the situation of the sector will be addressed in a general way, also assessing in a more specific way the incidence that the coronavirus has had in it, as well as what it may have in the future. And personally it seems to me a very interesting approach, since the immediate future that is to come can bring great changes not only in the professional field, but also in the domestic one. Just for this, Hey Google’s agenda already catches my attention a lot.

After that panel, Hey Google will conclude with six micro-sessions of a few minutes and practical content, in which the developers will be able to see how to perform some operations that they will have to carry out on a regular basis when working on this platform, ranging from managing inaccessible devices to how to work with the API Home Graph in the phase debugging, passing through the tests that must be carried out for their developments to obtain certification.

Attendance at Hey Google is free, but it is essential to register in advance to access the content, something you can do on this page. In it you can also find the meeting agenda, with information about each session and, if you wish, links to add them to your calendar.

Although they do not indicate it at any time, lor more likely that company managers will remain very vigilant how Hey Google works when it comes to support. Last week we already saw, with WWDC 2020, that this type of meeting in digital format can work very well, so it is likely that this is the test of the search engine to see if they repeat this type of meeting in the coming months.

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