Madrid is going to experience a LGTBIQ + 2020 Pride very different from the one we are used to. The Covid-19 has canceled the schedule of events during the summer stage, but that does not mean that the proclamation that serves as the starting gun for this celebration will not be carried out. Of course, online.

Víctor Gutiérrez, Carlos Sobera and Itziar Castro

Among the large number of people who will give the proclamation this year is the name of Carlos Sobera, which has been widely criticized. MADO justified the choice by commenting that « ‘First Dates’ is one of the television programs that most makes diversity visible », but there are many who do not see with favor the decision, which was widely commented on networks, making the presenter a trending topic.

From Mediaset they are wanting to support their partner, so Sobera participated on the morning of June 26 in ‘The Ana Rosa program’ and ‘It is already noon’ through connections while recording the proclamation. In both spaces, he has assured that he is « delighted and proud » for being a town crier and justifies his choice by defending that « heteros also commit ourselves to the cause » and, furthermore, He adds that he is « very happy to be part of this ». The presenter says goodbye by launching the message that « diversity is wonderful, that nobody is told who to love. »

« Marking package »

When connecting with the program presented by Ana Rosa Quintana, she commented upon seeing her partner: « Marking package! », Something that shocked Sobera, who quickly denied it with a laugh. This happened while the camera was doing a review to show the costumes, although Ana Rosa quickly apologized: «  » Oh, well, it seemed to me. « 

All the town criers of Pride 2020

In addition to Carlos Sobera, Pride 2020 will have other people to give the opening speech, the most prominent being the protagonists of ‘Veneno’, such as Isabel Torres, Daniela Santiago, Jedet, Lola Rodríguez and Paca la Piraña. In addition to all of them, the list of criers is completed by the water polo player Víctor Gutiérrez and the actress Itziar Castro.