The singer Luis Miguel reappeared a few weeks ago on social networks with a renewed image (Photo: Luis Bonomo’s Instagram)

The singer Luis Miguel reappeared a few weeks ago on social networks with a renewed image which soon captured worldwide attention, but contrary to what many think, El Sol It is very accessible, without unreal demands and even detailed with its fans every one who goes to the aesthetic in Miami, Florida.

Luis Bonomo detailed how his coexistence with the interpreter of Guilty or not has been, since he became his head stylist in 2017.

“Always with a lot of respect and not invading him, that was what caused a friendship with him. Keeping you your space« Said the hair specialist for the Wake Up America program a few days ago.

According to this testimony, the singer arrives at the establishment in Miami, Florida, every time he needs a cut and does not ask for special treatment, on the contrary, he is very close to people who ask for an autograph.

The singer is accessible and without special demands when he goes to the aesthetic in Miami, Florida

« As a person He is a very calm person, very respectful and responds to people who come to him to ask for a photo or an autograph with great affection« Bonomo explained.

« We chat, he always comes with his speaker listening to music and at some point he has also sung. It has been a great privilege for me to have him here in the room and have him sing a couple of notes ”,

He added that Luis Miguel has never had inappropriate behavior or asked for special treatment for being one of the greatest musical exponents in Mexico and all of Latin America.

« He asks for nothing. He always comes in and asks if I have space to cut his hair, If I don’t have space and have to wait, sit back and wait, and if he doesn’t come back in a while. He does not have the image that many of us believed, he is a very lovable guy, « he said to the surprise of many of the singer’s fans, recognized for his interpretations of boleros, rancheros and ballads.

Luis Bonomo was also very sincere and confessed the type of haircut he always does to El Sol, who on some occasions has given locks of his hair to fans, has a very special perfume and is generous when leaving tips. .

« He always asks for his tuxedo look, which is a very clean look, he doesn’t like anything extravagant », he indicated.

Luis Bonomo was also very sincere and confessed the type of cut he always makes to El Sol (Photo: Luis Bonomo’s Instagram)

At the beginning of this month, the stylist published on his Instagram account a photograph next to Luis Miguel, who wore his characteristic smile, a more casual look and freshly arranged hair.

This photograph resonated around the world because the singer is rarely so accessible.

Luis Bonomo announced that the image captured in his business located in Miami, Florida, a few months before the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer appeared with medium tousled hair in a chestnut hue, a casual outfit consisting of an unbuttoned blue shirt and beige panties, which he completed with his eternal smile that still captivates the fans who have accompanied him since he began his career.

« The last visit before all this storm, I hope to see you again soon my friend, always with the best wave, » wrote Bonomo on his social network account.

This is not the first time that Luis Miguel has entrusted his coveted hair to his namesake. The relationship between the singer and the stylist began in the summer of 2017, when the latter described the artist as a person « Kind and caring ».

(Photo: Luis Bonomo’s Instagram)

The relationship between the interpreter and the stylist is increasingly close. On the beauty expert’s Instagram account, it has become the ideal channel to share their moments together.

It was in October 2018 when Luis Bonomo congratulated his client for receiving a Latin Grammy for the album ¡México por siempre! and for the one who collaborated with the image.

“Congratulations @lmxlm for this well-deserved award, thank God for that opportunity to have been part of this long-awaited return, cutting your hair for the cover of the album Mexico por Siempre, which marked the return of the greatest, « he wrote next to several images of El Sol. On that occasion he also highlighted that they had known each other for a year.

According to his website, Luis Bonomo has a long history in the world of styling and his clients include several members of the show business, such as Marco Antonio Regil or Aylin Mujica.


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