If a few weeks ago Akihiro Hino, current CEO of LEVEL-5, expressed his wish to be able to share more information about Inazuma Eleven: Heroes ’Great RoadThe truth is that he did not lie, since now in April he has given new news about the title. Thus, Hino has confirmed that this installment of soccer RPGs it is delayed again because its development has restarted. Attentive to the following lines to know the words of the person in charge of this company about this game that, at this point, we begin to doubt that we are going to play at some point!

We won’t see Inazuma Eleven: Heroes ’Great Road until at least 2021

Hello everyone, the first thing is that I deeply regret reporting so late. Inazuma Eleven: Heroes ’Great Road, which fans so much hope for, has suffered a long delay and its production is in a difficult situation due to problems with the development of the game. There has been a lot of criticism on the net, and the team’s motivation has also plummeted, so the situation has become quite complicated.

In a situation like this, I thought for a moment that stopping development might be the only solution. However, there are also people who have supported us by encouraging us, and personally, my feeling of not giving up has also grown, so somehow we have decided to try to restart development.

As a result, we have come to the conclusion that we can use some methods. The evolution of the development system and engine used in the Yo-kai series can make us complete Inazuma Eleven with great quality. So in this case, I thought we should even do things that we couldn’t do before.

Initially, the fact that it was a cross-media product made us have more pressure over time, but this time we focused on creating the title without being tied to the broadcast of the animation series. It will take even longer, but we are approaching this game with a great level of freedom, as if it were a compilation by Inazuma Eleven.

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From now on, there will be notes that will serve as a guide and will be completed with new ideas and existing content. Some players may have been angry that they had to wait so long, but I would be glad if they could follow this decision closely.

I may have written and talked a lot, but there is no good excuse to delay development, so I am very sorry. From now on, there is nothing to do but wait expectantly. I think we can launch it in 2021, and we intend to do so. I wish this was a breath of fresh air that would allow us to rebuild and develop something important once it is finished.

I think that today there are many people who have not played the first Inazuma Eleven that came out on DS. This is why we are testing whether we can again use the system in Part 1 that allowed you to draw the movements with your finger, and as far as the content is concerned, we want to approach development as a “totally new title.” We will need even more time, but we hope to create something that lives up to the next Inazuma Eleven title, so please wait a little longer.