Members of an organization that rescues dogs found the poor animal with a neck lacerated by the chain and totally hungry

By: Web Writing

GEORGIA, UNITED STATES.- A dog which was called « Hero« He was rescued from a farm in Georgia, United States, where he lived in a deplorable way. His owners left him for four years chained to a tree, without it being able to move.

One person took pity on the terrible way in which this puppy lived and was encouraged to make the complaint. And although it took time to do it, it arrived on time.

When rescuers from Go Dogs Go Rescue Inc came to the farm they found the animal with its neck lacerated by the chain and severely malnourished. He only weighed 11 kilos when at his age the average weight for his race is 25 kilos.

The people who saved him the first thing they did was change his name: it was previously called « Cocaine », but considering that it projects one of the worst baseness of the human being, they decided to name it better « Hero« because he is a hero who had the strength to survive and not give up despite suffering the cold, the rains and the sun for four years, chained.

« Hero« He was transferred to the organization’s shelter and his injuries began to be treated. His neck was injured, heart failure and these days a hernia, from which he will undergo surgery.

They have also been training him to socialize with other animals and he has managed to make a couple of friends. Because despite so much abuse and neglect, he is not aggressive and is used to caresses and pampering. They describe him as meek, generous and calm: « He is very gentle, loving and obedient. Hero he just wants to be friendly to the rest of the pets all day, « said his rescuer.

Right now, he has regained his weight and has healed from his wounds. An operation has already passed and awaits the second. But for him, nothing is impossible anymore. In the future they hope to find him a new home with people who care for him and truly love him.

(With information from Clarín and Go Dogs Go Rescue Inc)