Hernández Hernández was right on the first controversial move he had during Barcelona-Atlético de Madrid. The Canary technician did not hesitate at the time of call a penalty and send it to repeat because Ter Stegen did not have one of his feet on the line at launch.

It was around the quarter hour of the game when Carrasco took the motorcycle and overtook Piqué running before entering the area. The Belgian took out an electrical cutout in which Arturo Vidal swept him and knocked him down. Hernández Hernández did not hesitate at the time of point penalty and from the VAR, led by Mateu Lahoz, they corroborated it.

Diego Costa, who minutes before had scored in his own goal, threw the maximum penalty, but Ter Stegen stopped the shot to the Spanish-Brazilian. The stop was reviewed in the VAR and it was determined and demonstrated that The German goalkeeper did not have at least one of his two feet on the AC line.l, for which Hernández Hernández, regulation in hand, ordered the penalty to be repeated.

Barcelona players protested and Gerard Piqué saw the yellow card for his repeated complaints. They also showed it to Ter Stegen in compliance with the standard. Was Saúl the one who assumed the responsibility to shoot from the cal point and the little one of the Ñíguez did not err and put the 1-1 on the Camp Nou scoreboard.