The Tesla Model 3 driver pointed out that other automotive firms should not demoralize electric cars taking into account the performance of this car on the track

Quarter-mile acceleration races are true feats for sports car enthusiasts, and despite those who considered that these events were not for cars electricalIt has already been shown that this is not the case. As proof of this, the repeated occasions on which the Tesla Model S, in its P100D or Performance version, turn around sports cars with large combustion engines.

However, now the younger brother of the Tesla Model S is put to the test in this type of competition and achieves something unimaginable. Its about Tesla Model 3Â in its Performance version.

During a circuit of the French Trackday, a Tesla Model 3 Performance pursues with impressive ease a Ferrari 488 PistaBoth cars continuously overtake the rest of the cars, however, the driver of the Model 3 Performance does not let the Ferrari 488 Pista escape for a moment.

According to the Hybrids and Electricity portal, the tester of the Tesla Model 3 declares that both the stability control and the traction control remained off during the entire test, a fact that can be seen that on repeated occasions when exiting the curves, noticing a loss of traction that, at first glance, seems easily salvageable by the pilot.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance in question belongs to the test unit of the Tesla press department in France, so it is a car given to the driver for these purposes seeking feedback on the behavior of the car on the track.

According to the pilot’s words, after having thoroughly tested the Model 3, he commented that the rest of the industry would have to wake up not wanting to be left behind, a fact that is undoubtedly a warning for many.


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