here you can reserve your PlayStation 5 this morning

After selling out very quickly, Sony prepares its second batch of next-generation consoles.

Playstation 5

If you are one of those who at the time missed the opportunity to reserve PlayStation 5, just the day that the console goes on sale in Europe, a new reservation campaign opens so that more players can enjoy the new generation of Sony. When and how to get one of these precious consoles? As we tell you in our updated special Where to Reserve PS5, several merchants are starting their own reservation campaign today, and among them is Amazon.

Taking into account that the number of consoles will be very limited, it is convenient to be attentive to start the reservation right at the same moment in which they are given the green light, and that moment is the 13:00 hours. There is no specific data on the number of units available, nor is there the proportion of consoles between the PS5 disc model and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition version.

There is no specific data on the number of units availableRefering to date of delivery We do not have specific data on this new consignment of consoles either, but it seems that these new PS5s would begin to arrive at the homes of buyers in December. The new pre-order campaign comes at a time when we began to know the first sales data for PS5 and Xbox Series in Japan and other markets, where the lack of stock has become common. Considering the high demand for Sony’s console, we recommend you pay attention to this new reservation period to try to get your console before it runs out again.

Pre-order PlayStation 5 on Amazon at 1:00 p.m. Reserve PlayStation 5 Digital Version on Amazon at 1:00 p.m.

On the other hand, we also leave you with a list of games with which you could debut your new generation console:

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