Here we tell you what are the most common errors of the PS5, and so you can solve them

ps5 errors

After several months in advance, the PS5 it is finally available worldwide. As is customary with any start of generation, several drawbacks are to be expected that can hinder our experience. Although at the moment no failures are reported at the level of the red ring of death on Xbox 360, Here are the most common PS5 errors, what they mean, and how to fix them.

CE-105799-1, CE-113212-0 and CE-108862-5

These errors are related to the PlayStation Network. The first thing you need to do is check if the servers are working properly, and then make sure you have a stable internet connection. Thus, these may be the most common faults, because some kind of maintenance will be constantly done on the PSN.

NW, WS and WV errors

On the other hand, the errors NW-102261-2, NW-102307-3, NW-102308-4, NW-102417-5, NW-102650-4, WS-116420-4, WV-109144-9, WV- 109145-0, WV-109146-1 and WV-109166-3 are related to the inability of our console to connect to the PSN due to our connection, although failures related to the servers are not ruled out.

Error NP-102955-2

This is also quite common. When entering some type of data incorrectly we will run into this error, and the only solution is to enter the necessary data correctly.

Errors CE-107520-5, NP-102944-0 and NP-102945-1

Throughout the life of the console, the firmware will be updated, and in case you do not have the most recent patch, these errors will appear in front of you. The solution is to connect to the internet and download the latest version of the PS5. It is important to mention that you can also receive the WS-116522-7 bug, which happens when an installation of this type was not completed correctly. To solve the problem, you will have to restart the console and try to download it again; install it via USB by downloading the software onto a pen drive; or update the software with a game disc.

Error NP-102946-2

Similar to the above, this is an update related issue, only this time we are talking about a specific software, and the solution is to check your internet connections. On the other hand, it is possible that the error NP-102947-3 appears in these cases, which arises due to errors with the network, so you will have to buy the status of your internet.

Errors CE-108360-8 and CE-111161-1

These drawbacks arise due to connection problems with the HD camera or with the PlayStation Camera, and the solution, according to Sony, is to seek better lighting in the room, adjust the position of the camera and, ultimately, to check the configuration for any details that are wrong.

Error CE-111161-1

This is probably the rarest issue in our region, as it is related to the PS Now service, since this platform is not available in Mexico. The failure is caused by connection problems, so it will be necessary to check your connection speed. If the problem persists, you will have to restart your console and your router. In the event that this does not fix the error, it is possible that a failure with the server is responsible.

Error NP-102942-8

More than a ruling, this is a protection for minors. In the event that you have parental protection activated or your age is not appropriate for a game, this message will appear. The solution is to go to the settings and change these details.

Error NP-103105-0

Similar to other problems, this message arises because the servers are under maintenance, so the only thing you can do is wait for this to be fixed. Similar errors are NP-103105-0, NP-103107-2, NP-103109-4, NP-103111-7, NP-103117-3, WS-115195-2 and WS-116439-4

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Via: Reddit and PlayStation