In recent weeks, many artists have searched for ways to make unique presentations beyond streaming them via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or outright on their websites. One of the platforms that are unexpectedly breaking it unexpectedly in this virtual concert is Fortnite, the popular video game that surprises us from time to time.

Artists like Marshmello they had already used it to promote their songs, but without a doubt the most remembered presentation has been that of Travis Scott, As well as being impressive, it managed to gather around 12 million players. Later they came Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis and Deadmau5, which although it left a lot to be desired for his show, he also brought together a lot of fans.

Photo: Special

This trend seems to be growing, because many are betting all their chips on Fortnite for various reasons, perhaps the most important is due to its popularity and in times of quarantine, It is the most viable option to give something to talk about and at the same time thousands of people see what you want.

That is the case of Christopher Nolan, who has decided to show a new preview of TENET, his next movie starring Robert Pattinson and John David Washington in Fortnite, a unique event that will undoubtedly manage to bring together a lot of movie fans just to see what the director of Inception has for all of us.

OMG! Fortnite’s ‘TENET’ trailer will be revealed tonight

We know that at this point many are already experts in the video game and put together a good campaign with their friends every day. But if you, like many, only enter the video game to see your favorite artists venturing unique shows or If you want to see the new trailer for Nolan’s next movie, here we will tell you how to see them.

It’s time to go to Party Royale

Fortnite It is a huge virtual world, where thousands of people meet daily to play with their friends or do many more. However, And although it sounds complicated, finding these events is not sooo complicated. The first step – and the most obvious one – is to download any of the available versions of the game, either on your phone, tablet or on your console.

Once it’s fully downloaded and you’re signed in to Fortnite, in the game modes you will find one called Party Royale (or Fortnite Fiesta Campal as it is its official name for Latin America). This option has been criticized because far from being a place where you can tear others to pieces, the developers included it as a safe space to relax and socialize with your friends.

After coming to this game mode, you should go to the Main Stage. The easiest way is to find it on the map and guide you through it. Once you arrive, the only thing that follows is waiting for the time to come and of course, make the most of the experience of enjoying a concert or trailer in this part of Fortnite Island.

This is the location of the Main Stage in ‘Fortnite’ / Photo: Special

Due to the demand for attendees at each of these events, Epic Games – the game’s developer company – recommends that you arrive at the place about 15 minutes in advance, to avoid that at the mere hour someone else wins the place. In the case of the screening of the trailer of TENET, You will have the chance to see it every hour in the same place until May 22 at 7 p.m. Central Mexico time.

If yours is not about entering video games, The last option you have is to enter Twitch at that time and search directly through the specialized streams of Fortnite. So there is no longer a pretext to stay out of those events that everyone talks about.