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Marketing Lessons Online Businesses Can Learn From the Gaming Industry

If there are techniques that any type of company must implement, they are the ones that make up marketing. For any company worth its salt (whatever the type), selling to the maximum and getting the largest number of potential clients is one of its main objectives. Online commerce is booming and forecasts estimate that, until 2023, the numbers will not stop growing.

The fashion sector will be one of those that will experience the most and in 2023 it will have a sales band of 757 thousand billion dollars, which would represent an increase of 75% compared to 2017. There are many reasons that explain the rise of the e-commerce and online shopping and user convenience is one of the main.

The rise of m-commerce stands out

In recent years, if there is a type of purchase that has experienced a considerable increase in recent times, it is purchases made through the smartphone or mobile phone. This is known as m-commerce And it is that the vast majority of users who make their purchases or contracting services through an application or navigation on the smartphone or tablet, thus highlighting that purchases can be made at any time or anywhere.

Merchants have a lot to learn from the slot industry

What is clear is that both e-commerce and m-commerce are the two main ways that users buy, there are many sectors from which you can learn to achieve your sales objectives and also to attract customers.

One of the most influential sectors in online commerce, believe it or not, is that of casinos. But why, you may be wondering? Basically because there are many marketing actions that the temples of the game put into practice to attract the attention of their users and thus become loyal customers.

For example, there are many casinos that offer a a list of some of the slots with the best RTP so that they appear on the home page of your website and thus attract the attention of Internet users. With this technique, they already get customers who are attracted to this type of game to stay on their website since, as soon as they enter their website, they can see the information that interests them as a promotion. This is something that any online business could put into practice, showing some promotions or the most beneficial products on its home page, in order to capture their attention from the first moment.

SEO positioning is essential in the world of online gaming to reach more players.SEO positioning is essential in the world of online gaming to reach more players.They can also learn from the video game industry

Like the casino, online gambling and video games are very important and that is why there are many marketing lessons that any online business in this sector can learn.

For example, if there is something that makes a video game succeed, it is that they talk about it. This is achieved through youtubers, bloggers, influencers or the media. So any business can use Influencer Marketing to get people to talk about their products and services. Social networks will become your best allies, believe it or not.

Positioning SEO It is also essential in the world of online gaming to reach more players. This type of positioning is what is achieved in search engines through the content you offer, optimizing it in such a way that it achieves the first search positions in any search engine. Well, the same happens with an online store, for which, the better SEO positioning you do, the better positions you will achieve in the ranking of Google and other search engines and a greater number of users you can reach.

Finally, another marketing technique that the video game industry uses a lot and that you can put into practice with your online business is to create promotional events. This is the best way to connect with the public and make them become loyal consumers of your brand. If you do not have a physical headquarters, you can choose to rent a space and present your entire catalog of products and services, as well as make demonstrations (in case you sell products that lend themselves to it) and even hold a contest with which to reward the assistants with some of your products or services and also offer a discount.