On the last billboard inside Fight Island in Abu dhabi Last Saturday, the former fighter and now a commentator for UFC, Dan Hardy, held comments against the iconic referee Herb Dean, for his intervention in the stellar fight of the preliminaries of the UFC on ESPN 14, where Francisco Trinaldo defeated by KO to Jai Herbert.

Midway through the third round, Trinaldo managed to connect with a left hand overhand that sent Herbert to the canvas. Trinaldo stopped for 2 or 3 seconds to see if they would stop the fight, but Dean made no sign to do so., leading Trinaldo to launch at least four more hits Herbert’s humanity.

Hardy, who was commenting on the card, can be heard shouting “Stop the fight!”, and later criticism began to rain on Dean, who is considered one of the best referees in the entire history of MMA. Dean published on his social networks a video explaining his version, where according to he is notjustifying“If not, giving Hardy advice as to why you shouldn’t intervene the way you did during combat.

“There was a fight where some people said it could have been stopped earlier, it was in no way a late arrest,” Dean said in the video. “During the fight, someone yelled “Stop the fight!”Dean said addressing Hardy. “This is really interesting because there are only professionals there. There is not a single fanatic in the building. Everyone has their job in there, everyone knows what their job is and they have specific tasks. I have a job to referee the fight. One of my tasks is to stop the fight when the fighter has suffered too much damage. “

There are two people authorized to – yell at me – instructions on stopping the fight: One is the doctor who is supposed to supervise the fight, who knows more about the human body than I do. The other person is the fighter’s corner, because they train together and they can know things that I don’t know about the fighter, they can advise me or – yell at me – to stop the fight, but in the end it is my decision to do it ”, Dean continued.

“After the fight, I followed up, I asked the doctor, he said ‘no, that fight was fine, I’m perfectly fine with everything you did in the match’. I did not have a chance to ask their corners but I asked the inspectors who were in charge of their corner. They said no, that the corner did not shout to stop the meeting

Dean clarifies that having said that they stop the fight is something serious and critical, and that it could bring consequences to the fighters.

Doing this is a very dangerous thingDean said. “If you put on the Superman cape and decide that you are the smartest person in the place, smarter than the doctor, smarter than the corner that works with the fighter and smarter than the referee, you are having the possibility that you can bring information that may harm the fighter. I’m taking a close look at the fight, I think I’m getting information from the people qualified to do it

“Anyone who believes it or not may not be following it because someone with a microphone says it was a bad arrest. But if you know anything about fighting, the fighter was hit, the fighters are touched all the time, however, we watch their actions. He’s following his opponent (visually). He knows where his opponent is. He put both arms between him and his opponent. He raised his leg and head off the mat. He’s doing everything I can ask him to do to stay in the fight. There was no bad arrest. “

What do you think, are you satisfied with Dean’s explanation, or do you even think that she was detained too late?