Rita Indiana’s children, now 14, 17 and 22 years old, are all musicians and this time they were her « great consultants » for the recording of a new album, entitled « Mandinga Times », a decade after having debuted with her praised  » The juidero « .

The oldest of his sons is a drummer, the middle percussionist and the youngest is already producing his own beats.

“They are my first critics. In other words, I come with the tracks with fear when I come from the studio, « said the proud mother with a laugh. “They are ruthless! I put things on them and I already know from their faces if I’m on the right track ”, he commented.

Each one, he added, has their favorite track on the album. She has two: “Mandinga Times” and “Fear”, a reggaeton love song with string arrangements that he wrote to his wife about the beginning of their relationship.

“And also about the fear that all of us who belong to the LGBT community experience of expressing who we are,” he said, “of expressing our affections in public; the fear of rejection and abuse ”.

+ Eduardo Cabra

The Dominican writer and musician felt it was time to re-express herself with songs about some uncomfortable current affairs.

The insistence of his neighbor Eduardo Cabra, and finally the coronavirus pandemic, gave him the last push to « get out of the cave » and the result is « Mandinga Times », an independent « apocalyptic » album released this week in digital format.

« 10 years passed because I had my hands full and because the reasons that made me distance myself from the world of popular music were still there, » the artist said in a recent interview with The Associated Press, citing that at the time she had three small children and that she did not he enjoyed the non-creative side of the industry.

« My children are already grown up, I am also in another moment of my life, but above all I believe that the current situation in the world, everything that is happening, was the great reason to leave the cave, « he added by phone from his home in San Juan.

The eclectic 10-track album, produced by the multi-awarded Cabra, addresses everything from unpunished corruption to the taboo around homosexuality through rhythms such as dembow, heavy metal, merengue, traditional gagá, electro-boogie, punk and rap, maintaining a powerful sound from the first chords to the end.

It opens with the first single released in April, the rap “Como un dragon”, in whose video Rita Indiana introduced “Mandinga”, the most recent version of her alter ego “La Montra”.

It also has guests like Rubén Albarrán from Café Tacvba in “Pa Ayotzinapa”, the Puerto Rican artist MIMA in “The Heist”, and the Dominican rapper Kiko El Crazy in the homonymous song of the album, one of his favorites.

+ Her writing side

The author of six novels and several short story books, Rita Indiana, 43, was completely dedicated to literature when she and Cabra finally began work on the album in October of last year.

« I already had the title and I had already thought of it a bit like an apocalyptic songbook, but at the time it was almost a joke, » he recalled.

The pandemic surprised them when they were finishing editing the first songs, and the second half was done in the middle of the quarantine. The title of the album, and the purpose of the artist, inevitably took on greater significance.

« I believe that all the human beings that are on this planet at this moment are living a moment of obligatory growth, as of maturation, » said Rita Indiana. “Likewise, the album also grew, let’s say my notion of what I was doing grew. Like I went deeper thanks to the confinement and the difficulty ”.

As a writer, composing lyrics and melodies takes her little time and, compared to researching and writing a novel, provides immediate satisfaction. « It is a very good outlet, very spontaneous. » And with Cabra “we go in turbo”, he said.