Alexa Dellanos: Her rear guard came out of the water thanks to this daring game in the pool | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful model, Alexa Dellanos, is very happy to be able to enjoy these moments with her boyfriend and in the pool, exposing her rear in a daring game in the pool.

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After long months of confinement to take care of any contagion, the famous girl and her boyfriend are enjoying being able to spend some fun hours in the pool and they showed it with this photograph in which it shows that they are enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Those who also enjoyed the beauty were her fans, who managed to get the photo to gather almost 50,000 likes in a few hours, as it ended up delighting those who observed it by entering their account and being surprised to see the tremendous figure of the young woman .

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In the photo we can see Alexa on the shoulders of her boyfriend in this daring game played in the pool, in which you try to knock down your friends who are also in the same position, something quite fun, or at least it is which is reflected in the snapshot.

It is worth mentioning that the young woman had been a bit away from her social networks because she does not do fun things every day and only wants to share the best of her life, so it is likely that these last days she has only been locked in her house, however They always take time to have fun relaxing and of course tanning on a fun day at the pool.

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Fans of Alexa Dellanos are very happy with her photographs, in fact the young woman has been uploading some more in which she presumes her beauty, many adore her and share her, however, there are also others who qualify her as false, which is why it is a very controversial girl.

It should be remembered that they even tried to cancel it by assuring that it is a false and empty beauty, however, the young woman has shown that it is not because she has shared that she enjoys reading and doing introspection meditation that is, she is also dedicated to her interior and her improvement daily.

Alexa was very concerned about the current situation in the world and for her mother Mirka Dellanos, who continued to attend her work despite the quarantine, so her followers were a little concerned and feared that she had been infected.