Alexa Dellanos: Her most flirty white bikini highlighted her charms on Instagram | INSTAGRAM

You will surely meet the beautiful model, Alexa Dellanos, daughter of Telemundo host Myrka Dellanos, because this time she delighted us with one of her most beautiful and flirty bikinis, one that highlighted her beauty to the maximum.

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The beautiful young woman appeared wearing a white bikini from the beach, shocking everyone who observed her, because the small details in the photo were what ended up exploding on social networks.

The photograph reached tens of thousands of likes in a very short time as well as comments where they flatter her non-stop assuring her that you are the most beautiful woman they have ever seen.

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This effect is the one that the beautiful model has before internet users, because although it has been criticized, it is very notable that it has followers who are there to support it at all times and will continue to do so.


Alexa Dellanos knows that the most important thing is to keep her faithful to the happy and spoiled, because in this way she manages to reach more and more people to be more relevant and perhaps live in a more luxurious way because it is something that has been reflected in his stories.

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Lately we have not been able to observe enjoying the beauty with her boyfriend, because despite the fact that the world contingency is not over, she has already decided to go out and have a little fun, because these last months of confinement were very difficult and a bit tedious because they were repetitive.

We could already observe her driving a sports car, bathing in the pool, even playing wrestling in it, on the shoulders of her boyfriend, who is the envy of hundreds of thousands of users.

It should be remembered that recently they even tried to cancel it, assuring that it is a false and empty beauty, however, the young woman has shown that it is not because she has shared that she enjoys reading and doing introspection meditation, that is, what is also dedicated to her interior already your daily improvement.