Rihanna’s makeup artist just revealed some secrets to hide dark circles on Fenty Beauty’s Instagram account

Since Rihanna rose to prominence with her first songs in 2005, the artist has come a long way. Besides music, she has also been devoting herself to other projects for several years now. Indeed, she was releasing her make-up brand Fenty Beauty in 2017 and these products would also be miraculous against dark circles.

Why are we talking about dark circles you will tell us? Just because the singer’s makeup artist just gave some tips to hide these. There is no doubt that this will interest a lot of people.

Because yes, no one escapes dark circles. Well, even more when we are tired. This is why, to have some advice to hide them would not be refused. For this, we must therefore follow the advice of Rihanna’s makeup artist.

The latter, speaking on the Instagram account of Fenty Beauty to indicate, and show, how to “disappear” all that.

If you want to know Hector Espina’s tipsl, also Rihanna’s right-hand man, we invite you to read on. This could be of great interest to you.

Rihanna: her makeup artist reveals her secret to camouflage dark circles!

Rihanna’s makeup shows how to hide dark circles

It was our colleagues at 7sur7 who spotted the makeup artist’s advice on the Insta Fenty Beauty account. The latter, having translated and relayed the tips of the artist’s right arm, to the delight of French-speaking fans.

So, if you want to get rid of dark circles and use Rihanna products for it, how do you go about it? Firstly, you need two correctors: one with a warm shade and one that matches your skin tone.

Start by taking the one with the warmest shade and put it on the place where the dark circles remain the most marked. With the second, test first in your neck or on your hand to see if it matches your skin tone.

If so, you can put it on your dark circles for there then add powder. In order that all this can last all day. Don’t thank us, rather say “thank you” to Rihanna and Hector for their tips!

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