Jenni Rivera: Her family will release a new album and more, seeking to honor La Diva | .

Jenni Rivera’s admirers have reason to smile, as her name will continue in force thanks to numerous projects run by her family.

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An album, a movie and two documentaries, both from her last concert and a biographical one, will be part of the commemoration that the Rivera clan prepares as a tribute to the singer.

« The purpose is to magnify not only the woman or the artist Jenni Rivera, but all Latinos. I want an Asian or African American girl to be inspired by the story of a woman who could also do it; it is to show the beauty of the immigrants, how hard working Mexicans are, « said Rosie Rivera yesterday in an interview.

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The film, which will be in English, is in pre-production. The script is ready, it will be produced by Donald De Line (Pretty Woman) and the protagonist is still being sought. Also, the documentary of his life will include unpublished scenes, his sister said, such as Jenni at home with her children and celebrations of Christmas and parties.

In the new album there will be 11 songs, eight of them unpublished, and, as a preview, Rosie promotes the single « Quisieran Tener Mi Lugar », co-written by Luis Antonio López « El Mimoso » and Jenni en vida, available from today, date on that the star would be 51 years old.

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« It is a song of power, strength, telling envious people that they want to take Jenni’s place. And it’s true, she continues to be in the first place, without disrespecting other artists.

« It is not being believed or feeling better than anyone else, but recognizing the place you have thanks to your effort and talent, » said Rosie. He ruled out that these feelings exist in his family, despite the quarrels they have had, since, he said, his training was based on love, admiration and gratitude.

On the other hand, at the beginning of the quarantine Rosie confirmed that she was about to divorce Abel Hernández, with whom she will be nine years married.

« We were tired of being together 24 hours a day. I asked Abel for a divorce, he normally would never have accepted it, but due to the pandemic or stress he said yes. » By not being able to do it officially (because I still everything is closed) we decided to pray, talk to God, and if he agreed, we did, « he said.

This teaching was shared with her niece Chiquis Rivera, who celebrated her first wedding anniversary on June 29 alone, since she is currently separated from her husband, Lorenzo Méndez. « I have been transparent with Chiquis, I have told her ‘daughter, I have also passed it, I cannot give advice, but I can give you a hug.’

« She is not going to make a hasty decision (about an official divorce coming soon), she is even taking it very slowly; Lorenzo too, is not something that she has told me, » he assured.
He also referred to the case of Lupillo Rivera, from whom it has been reported that the singer divorced due to his partner’s infidelity, but clarified that his brother has never expressed himself badly about his ex.

« I’ve seen him frustrated, tired. A divorce is always difficult for both parties, but (my brother) doesn’t sit down and tell me bad things about Mayeli, and that’s why I love him. He shows me the type of man he is and why is taking care of the hearts of their children, « he said. « We didn’t want to leave the fans with nothing, especially in a time of such sadness. »
Rosie Rivera, businesswoman and sister of Jenni Rivera