On his Instagram account, Henry Cavill shared a photo of his dog Kal which was clearly unanimous among his subscribers!

On social media, Henry Cavill often shares things that are close to his heart. Recently he unveiled an adorable photo of his dog named Kal. The latter also caused a sensation on the Web.

This Wednesday August 12, Henry Cavill also posted a new photo on his Instagram account. He unveiled the portrait of his pet. This is an adorable Akita who does his greatest happiness.

In the caption of this adorable Instagram photo, Henry Cavill also wrote: “The incomparable Kal. Half dog, half bear, half pig and all soul. For those who don’t know it’s Kal, it’s an American Akita“.

The Witcher actor also told his fans about his dog, “And he’s an absolute gem. I’ve had it since I was 10 weeks old. And we have went through difficult times together“.

Henry Cavill makes a cute declaration of love for his dog Kal

Henry Cavill also revealed: “In fact, we let’s spend so much time together, I no longer know who imitates whom! And I’m pretty sure he would be a serious contender for the world record for converting haters, takers ”.

Finally, the actor also concluded: “Or even outgoing and fearful in dog lover“. With his photo, the young man has also collected more than 1 million “likes” in just a few hours from his fans.

In the comments, they did not hesitate to compliment her adorable dog. It must be said that, even if it looks impressive, it looks like a huge plush.

Under his picture, his fans also wrote: “You should find a way for him to make a appearance in The Witcher. It is so beautiful ! »,« Stop it, I really want to give him a hug. »But also« He has such expressive eyes ».

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