Celia Lora: Her attributes from the window impressed her Instagram followers | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Mexican model, Celia Lora, is nowadays considered one of the most beautiful Mexican women, rated by her fans as one of the best images in Mexico, as her photographs boldly surpass each other.

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The pretty young woman has not stopped, despite the running of the bulls, she has taken professional photos to delight internet users, this time from her window showing her great attributes.

This is her latest Instagram post, where the famous one leaned against her window so that the light will illuminate her voluptuous figure, one that has everyone on Instagram very spoiled, although with similar photos they all have a different essence.

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The photo gathered 145 thousand likes in a few hours, it seems incredible but each of its snapshots manages to capture the attention of hundreds of thousands of people, that if we compare the likes, they are surely different users in each of the images.

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Her attributes quickly conquered social networks, despite not being on a trip, the young woman has not stopped producing content, something quite complicated for many influencers who stopped updating her account.

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This is the clear example of his great effort and love that he has for his fans, because he is also aware of those who are subscribed to his official page, because there he talks with them and gives them exclusive photographs and videos without censorship and personalized.

In these moments Celia wished she could be traveling the world, something she did before this social distancing, because we could see her in several very interesting locations that made her photos super liked.

Let’s remember that every Tuesday a new chapter of Acapulco Shore is available, where Celia Lora appears with her group of friends who make the program totally crazy, this time during her visit to Mazatlán, Sinaloa.