Henry’s physique, Antuna’s speed and Pizarro’s pass; This is how the ideal Liga MX player would be

Have you ever wondered what the perfect player would be like in Liga MX? The Statiskicks portal, a statistical analysis site, was given the task of looking for the perfect player and through statistics and data, they found the ‘ideal’ player.

The physicist of Henry Martín de las Águilas del América, the speed of Uriel Antuna, the intelligence of Rafael Carioca, etc. These are some of the qualities that the ideal Liga MX player would have.

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According to the site, the perfect Liga MX player would have the following characteristics of these Players:

Heading by Nicolás Ibáñez Intelligence by Rafael Carioca Physique by Henry Martín Entry by Jesús Gallardo Crossing by Víctor Malcorra Pass by Guido Pizarro Dribbling by Luis Quiñones Speed ​​by Uriel Antuna Shot by Alexis Canelo Definition by Nicolás López

According to the data collected by Statiskicks, Tigres is the one who has the best players, since 4 of them dominate in the Liga MX statistics.

Players like André-Pierre Gignac, Luis Montes, Rubens Sambueza and others, do not appear on the list, however, we are sure that they have qualities that would contribute to the ideal soccer player in Mexico.

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