Henry Cavill goes for his nephew to school, they did not believe him that his uncle is Superman

Henry Cavill and the gesture towards his nephew, who was not believed that his uncle was Superman.

Photo: Mike Coppola / .

The anecdote of Henry Cavill on his nephew, Thomas, and the scolding he received when his teacher didn’t believe him after he told his classmates that his uncle was Superman. Of course, this is something that few can boast about.

Even the little boy, 7 years old, was punished and taken to the address for his behavior, but not everything stayed there and a surprise came a few moments later.

They called their mother and since they didn’t believe her either, the great Henry had to choose to go straight to school to save his nephew as a true superhero and check that the little one was not telling lies. Because they well say that children always tell the truth.

The story had a happy ending, because after a few hours the very ‘Superman’ came to the direction of the educational campus to pick up the child and by the way, confirm to everyone that Thomas is indeed the nephew of the man of steel, perplexing everyone who was there.

Henry cavill He is one of the fundamental actors on which the cinematographic universe of DC Comics and Warner Bros. has been sustained. His face has become tremendously popular since incarnated Superman in the Zack Snyder adaptations.

From there, he has appeared in all kinds of action movies and it is true that Clark Kent’s role It is the one that has characterized him the most, but, curiously, he is not the only high-profile character that the actor almost achieved. He himself has said that he was close to being the new James Bond.

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