It finally happened, the Snyder Cut is going to come out and the fans are crazy. For this reason, Henry Cavill asks respect among the followers of each version of Justice League.

Henry Cavill was present at the watch party of The Man of Steel of Zack Snyder along with other fans and when the news that the Snyder Cut It was going to come true, the madness of the followers of this version reached maximum levels. Through his Instagram account, the actor from The witcher He invited fans of the theatrical version and the special cut to maintain harmony from now on.

This may come as a surprise to some extent, since in several interviews Henry Cavill expressed that he had no interest in Snyder Cut of League of Justice and that he just wanted to see into the future, but maybe when he made those comments he wasn’t well informed about the large number of fans who wanted to see the original version of the film.

Since the film’s premiere in 2017, fans have divided into camps, but we can talk about two main ones. Those who demanded the Snyder Cut and those who said the theatrical release was better than anything he could have done Zack Snyder.

The actor’s words

To end the controversy, Henry Cavill He had some wise words to share on Instagram: “I just had a little chat with Zack Snyder after a Man of Steel watch party. Ladies and gentlemen, it finally happened. Snyder’s cut will be out next year! Now, I know that there have been two sides to the whole Snyder Cut thing for a long time and whether it would ever happen. Just remember, we are all going to have more Justice League now, this is win-win. So be nice to each other. Congratulations, Mr. Snyder! ”

Like all the followers of the DC Extended Universe they will remember that Zack Nyder left the project overwhelmed and depressed the death of his daughter, instead Warner Bros. placed Joss Whedon and the result we already know. A tape with two very different styles (sometimes very contrasting) and that could not hook the viewer enough. Now, after so long, the famous and long-awaited Snyder Cut will be released on HBO Max.