Hennesy, Cardi B’s little sister, stripped off her blouse and showed her bra without any shame

In this opportunity it was not the rapper Cardi B the one who heated up social networks but her little sister Hennessy Carolina, who is not the first time that he repeats with some suggestive and provocative publication. This time, the designer and influencer, very out of pain, stripped off her shirt and showed her bra from her account Instagram. At the same time, he stroked her hair and only moved the camera of his cell phone so that his followers did not lose detail of his prominent curves.

The lingerie garment was black and solid, which left fans of Hennesy wanting more. Let us remember that the sister-in-law of Offset is an expert in the art of seduction and not to mention “Twerking”, in this category is enshrined as one of the highest representatives. His hip movements, whenever he makes them public, become a trend in a matter of minutes.

There is no doubt that the also model blew the imagination of a few and made the same not stop leaving risque messages, or flattering the attributes. But, to the disappointment of many, the heart of Hennesy I know He has been busy for several years as he has a formal relationship with his girlfriend Michelle melo.