Helpful Ways to Work with Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing continues to be a high-value activity for brands and companies, therefore, it is not surprising that firms like Later report that in 2020 63 percent of marketing professionals indicated that for this current year they would increase their budget for influencer marketing. Are those responsible for marketing your company in this group? If so, you should know that you must get the most out of the investment to obtain a good return, therefore, this time we will see some of the most useful ways to work hand in hand with these content creators on social networks .

According to various experts, these are some of the most effective weapons brands have to work with influencers on social media:

Generating social shares

The idea with this way of working with influencers is to take advantage of their scope to give greater exposure to the contents of the brand or company with which they are working. It seeks to amplify the existence of content, such as a blog entry or a video through the different social networks of the influencers.

Depending on the platform chosen, it will be possible for influencers to share the information, for example, if you have a post on Twitter, one way to boost the aforementioned social shares would be by asking the influencers to retweet the content or to quote it to That this material reaches your community (which can be millions of people depending on the type of influencer it is) and that more people see it and continue sharing to enhance the reach.

Developing Reviews

According to Jeff Bullas’ blog, this way of working with influencers can be of great help when you have as a KPI an element that requires specific actions, such as sales, registrations for a newsletter or some other lead generation activity. In this case, an action such as a retweet is not enough and therefore the development of reviews is recommended.

The way to generate these materials can vary depending on the influencer, for example, the review can be developed in a text format or through a video where the content creator will be interacting with the brand’s product or service.

It should be noted that this type of collaboration can be more expensive due to the work involved, however the results can be very good by having an additional voice of authority highlighting the company’s offer.

Organizing contests or giveaways

When you want to meet an objective such as increasing the size of the community, in addition to generating leads, there is no better way to achieve it than with the development of contests or givaways developed by influencers. As can be understood, in this case only the creator is provided with the necessary materials for the dynamics to be launched so that this activity is made known to the public from their social platforms. But the brand account must also be involved so that it receives the benefit of the activity, for example, it is notorious that many dynamics of this type ask users to follow specific accounts as a way to ensure their participation in the giveaway.

It should be noted that the reward may be something that the company does not precisely sell, although it is also recommended that it be the products or services because, according to the Post Planner firm, nothing better than having people excited and “fighting” for the opportunity to win the product. This creates a desire for it before they have it in their hands and this is an element that can be considered invaluable.

Employing them as “reporters”

This way of working with influencers or content creators is intended to give exposure to events that a brand or company develops. By assigning them a role as “reporters” giving them access to the event and requesting that they share their experience through social networks, more people can see what is happening and can generate conversation about it.

One of the most effective forms of content that can be developed here is live broadcasts, as this format presents more engagement compared to other formats, it also represents a way to make people feel more involved by participating directly in the experience over time. real that the brand has developed and that the influencer lives.

Launching sponsored post

This is a recommendation that can be executed well on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram that have the option to manage sponsored posts.

In this case, the work with the influencers consists of a direct promotion of the brand and its products / services on the creators’ social networks to take advantage of their reach and engagement. In this particular case, engagemen may be considered more important than scope.

One way to manage the content here would be to ask the content creator to test the product and share a photo or video demonstrating the expertise, features, and benefits. These posts can even be used to move a promotion, for example giving a code to the influencer that their community can use to obtain a discount or additional benefit.

Run a referral program

Finally, in relation to the aforementioned about sharing a code that people can use and that the influencer presents it, directly executing a referral program from the hand of an influencer is another great form of collaboration with these people.

As explained by Social Media Today, referral programs are one of the best strategies to measure the ROI of campaigns. And there is an advantage when working with influencers, as it stands out that platforms such as Twitter have seen an 88 percent increase in the purchase intention of consumers when they see products that are promoted by an influencer they trust.

You should know that the easiest and most effective way to execute this type of strategy is by sharing a unique promotional code with the influencer or with each influencer so that it is shared on social channels as part of the content.