During the weekend of September 12 and 13, Helmut Fritz was a guest on the Good Morning Week-end show on Non Stop People and he multiplied the secrets: money, crossing the desert and physical metamorphosis. Now 45 years old, the artist displays a new style.

In 2009, when the festive title Ca m’énerves came out, Éric Greff alias Helmut Fritz had messy hair, a shaved face, round cheeks and a typical 2000s dress look … He is clearly no longer the same. man today! Thin, bearded, with a look halfway between casual and hipster, he is metamorphosed. “I played sports, I started to pay more attention to myself. I have ‘glow up’, as the young people say. I lost 5 or 6 kilos“, he confided to the antenna.

Helmut Fritz also spoke of his change of look, far from that of his character at the time inspired by the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. “When I look back at the character’s outfit, hair color, long neck, etc., I think there were things that I wasn’t aware of, actually. There was a scary dandy side. ..) In the meantime, I have done a lot of things and today, the return of Helmut is a return with a more, more what!“, he added. The artist also confided that he had abandoned the accent of his wacky character” little by little “.

Helmut Fritz hopes to continue to entertain the French. At the time of confinement, he had published a revised version of his tube, dedicated in particular to nursing staff. “I wish you to laugh, dance and escape this crap virus! Support for hospital staff, but also for those who work every day in many other fields and rise up with fear in their stomachs. homage to this blue sky without a trace of an airplane, to freedom for the moment fantasized and to our streets (hopefully) soon found. Love on you confined (ées) “, he said then.