Hellpoint in gameplay on the occasion of its arrival on Nintendo Switch

After small unforeseen events that caused the release date on the hybrid console to be delayed a bit, finally Hellpoint, the action rpg which combines dark fantasy and intergalactic horror from Cradle Games and is supported by the publisher tinyBuild, is scheduled to land on the eShop from next 26 of February. There is therefore little left for us to disembark on the ruined space station Irid Novo, the pinnacle of human science in another time, later in ruins and invaded by a horde of indescribable monsters as a result of a strange event called the Fusion, and that has probably opened the doors to other dimensions of the most threatening. Be that as it may, our task, as a creature created by a cryptic entity called the Author, is to investigate what happened in that forbidden place, although of course it will not be exactly a boat trip, in fact we will have to fight thoroughly for survive; luckily we can get help from someone else, be it in local or online mode, at any time, and without having to share experience or anything. Besides we have a multiplayer four where to face other people, if what we want is not to collaborate but to give each other cakes with someone else.

This title has a 10% discount until the launch day, as an incentive for those who want to purchase it in pre-purchase, leaving its price at € 31.49 in the same eShop; and to see a little more clearly what it is about and how it looks in motion, we have a complete gameplay with the first twenty-five minutes of play, which is always good to take a look to finish deciding whether to give it a try or not, the which you have below:

Hellpoint Gameplay (Nintendo Switch)

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