Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Launcher class.

The pitcher Heleno Cuén was born on August 18, 1952 in Cocorit, Sonora and thanks to his great quality as a pitcher, he managed to make a brilliant career in Mexican professional baseball for many years.

In 1987, already retired from paid baseball, he came to the Clemente Grijalva League debiting with the team of the Santa Isabel Clinic, later passing to the Pascoleros de San Miguel with whom he became a fearsome pitcher who ended up imposing the still persistent record of the 126 strikeouts breaking the 103 strike rate imposed in 1979 by the well-remembered Heriberto Ruelas.


The sonorense formed a tremendous team from San Miguel where Carlos “Chaflán” López, José Antonio Limón and the brilliant left-handed gunner from Guasavense, Raúl Sánchez, were also there to give the championship to the Pascolero team that was led by Jesús “Ron” Pollorena passing over the Garbanceros from Guamúchil.

It was a tremendous year for the squad of Pascoleros de San Miguel, who had the aforementioned “Left-handed” Ruelas as reinforcement in that championship duel.

José Antonio Limón rounded out a great campaign because in the regular role he threw game without a hit, nor career to the Farmers of Constancia with a victory of five runs by zero throwing the nine episodes with a single base by ball and an error and with it he lost the perfect game opportunity.

That same year, Ramón Enrique Esquer and Julio César Pérez de San Miguel, along with Ignacio “Zurdo” Ruelas who played with the Mochis ejido, connected a total of 59 hits each to implement a record that is still in force.

Ignacio Ruelas also implemented the base robbery brand with 42 scams, breaking the Ignacio Almeida brand, which was 33 imposed in 1984.

Heleno Cuén passed away on October 24, 2019, leaving very difficult marks to match in the Mexican Pacific League playing with Oysters of Guaymas and was part of the three-time championship of the Yaquis de Ciudad Obregón from 2010 to 2013 as coach with whom he went to the Caribbean Series. .

With Mazatlán he was champion and went to the 1974 Caribbean Series where he defeated the champion Caguas of Puerto Rico 1-0.

The records he left were those of the most complete games in a row with 18 with Guaymas, the most seasons being the leader in closings with two and the one with the most consecutive innings thrown without taking over with 155.

68 YEARS Heleno Cuén was old when he died in Ciudad Obregón in 2019.

18 GAMES Complete is the almost impossible mark that the Sonoran left in the LMP.

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