Both companies will conclude their distribution operations next Sunday, following the recommendations of the health authorities.

..- Dutch-Mexican brewer Heineken Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma announced this Friday that it will suspend its distribution operations and execute a plan to minimize operations at its seven plants in Mexico in the face of the health emergency due to the new coronavirus.

“We are executing a plan to reduce our operations (…) safeguarding care for the environment and with the sole purpose of avoiding irreversible effects that could make it impossible to reactivate our economic activity,” the company said in a statement.

The firm’s announcement comes after Mexican brewer Grupo Modelo reported Thursday that it will suspend production and marketing of its beer in the face of the pandemic emergency.

Both companies reported that they will conclude distribution operations next Sunday, in accordance with the recommendations of the Mexican health authorities.

“Times demand the sum of efforts to face the situation,” said the Dutch-Mexican firm.

Heineken Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma – maker of the popular Tecate and Dos Equis beers – added that the measure seeks to comply with the Mexican government’s provision of March 31, which orders the suspension of non-essential activities in the country until April 30 to mitigate the expansion of COVID-19.

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In the decree, the government indicated that fundamental sectors of the economy such as agribusiness will be able to continue operating.

The government of Nuevo León, where it has its corporate Heineken in Mexico, said on Wednesday that the production and distribution of beer in the state would be stopped as it is considered a non-essential product.

The announcement prompted some panic buying of beer at various businesses.

Mexico registered until Thursday 1,510 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 50 deaths.

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