Héctor Sandarti broke the silence about his departure from “Un Nuevo Día” in a live broadcast on his official Instagram account in the evening hours of Monday, May 25. During the meeting with his fans, Sandarti maintained that his departure from the Telemundo show was unexpected for him and his family, since he found out the day before his departure.

“I found out the day before, just like that. On Thursday they informed me in a very cordial, very friendly, very nice way… They informed me on Thursday, so on Thursday I did the program very normally and we were all very calm. They informed us all that it was my last day and well, fortunately, they gave me the option of being able to arrive the next day, Friday, to say goodbye to you properly, ”he said.

The Guatemalan presenter continued to mention what his farewell to Telemundo’s “Un Nuevo Día” meant to him emotionally: “It was an extremely complicated day for everyone, I want to thank Telemundo and I want to thank the production of Un Nuevo Día for giving me the opportunity to have an ending like that, nice, cute and worthy. I felt very comfortable with that, especially since I feel that if we started a cycle in such a beautiful way, it had to be closed just the same. ”

Sandarti decided to clarify everything that is said about the reason for his abrupt departure from the Telemundo television show:

“Number one: I’m not leaving by my own decision, important. Number two: I’m not leaving because someone said over there that I didn’t get along with my colleagues and that they didn’t like me, and that they didn’t like my jokes. Nothing can be further from reality than that information (…) I’m not leaving because of money, someone said it over there. I’m not going for another project, not at all. Those are the reasons I DIDN’T get out of A New Day. ”

The also actor released what went through his mind when he received the news of his dismissal from the team of presenters of A New Day:

“Well, it was obviously a shock. It was the least expected news in my life. I’m going to tell you why: When I was hired for A New Day, all the people who hired me and who brought me, and who made a great effort to bring me to Miami and to bring me to A New Day, the truth was they were so convinced and so happy that I was a great option, the truth is that they made me feel very welcome, very much at home. ”

Héctor Sandarti said goodbye to the audience of “Un Nuevo Día” last Friday, May 22 with an emotional farewell that was organized by the entire production team where they remembered their most memorable moments in the two years he was in charge of the program as member of the official team of presenters.

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