Héctor Parra will be at least a month in the prison – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Héctor Parra could wait up to a month in detention before the judge’s decision is reversed by his lawyers, this was confirmed by his legal defender, Juan Manuel Juárez Perdomo.

On June 15, Parra was arrested after his daughter Alexa, whom he had with the actress Ginny Hofman, pointed out that he had sexually abused her when she was little and a couple of days ago a judge ruled that he be linked to the process, a decision that his lawyers appealed today.

The objective is to revoke the control judge’s determination because, according to the lawyer, irregularities were found that the court did not assess when it issued its ruling during a hearing, where it did not take into account the opinions of the prosecution, but other particular evidence.

“The only thing that he considers is the appearance of the criminal act, but he gives preference to the private opinion and the interviews that the witnesses gave, however, from the interviews it is noted that none of them are satisfied with seeing the facts that were reported and the opinion lacks value, the opinions of the prosecution have greater preference, which in this case are three ”, explained Juan Manuel Perdomo.

The requests that were made in the appeal were two: that a magistrate order the control judge to revoke that determination, order the immediate release of Parra and order the procedure to be reinstated. This would imply reassessing the evidence and paying attention to the irregularities indicated.

For this to happen, the actor from ‘Un poquito tuyo’ will spend at least a month in prison waiting.

“The victim and the prosecution have three days to decide on our appeal, they send it to a collegiate court and with some magistrates and approximately the legal time is one month, but now with time of a pandemic there is a delay because the personnel who work in the courts it is little, hopefully it will be the shortest time, “said the lawyer.

Information from: El Universal

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