Heavy weights return to the Chamber of Deputies


Although there are still weeks left for the National Electoral Institute (INE) to assign the 200 seats of proportional representation of the Chamber of Deputies, the estimates of the political parties themselves take for granted the entry of widely known politicians, such as Santiago Creel, of the PAN; Yeidckol Polevnsky, from Morena; Alberto Anaya, from the PT, and Ildefonso Guajardo, from the PRI.

Based on the estimates made by the political parties, based on the universe of 42 million 206 thousand 249 effective votes last Sunday, after discounting the votes cast for the independent candidates and for the Encuentro Solidario, Redes Sociales Progresistas and Fuerza por parties. Mexico, who will lose the registration, as well as the null votes and unregistered candidates, the PAN member Héctor Larios is on the border of staying outside of San Lázaro.

Those who so far have a guaranteed place are the PAN Santiago Creel, who was president of the Senate, where he coordinated the National Action bench for about two years.

Also, through the multi-member route, they will join the PRI bench, among others, Ildefonso Guajardo, former Secretary of the Economy; Ismael Hernández Deras and Rubén Moreira repeat.

Also the former senator Blanca Alcalá and various members of the current national leadership of the party, such as Carolina Viggiano, general secretary, and Alejandro Moreno, national president.

El Verde will have Carlos Puente on its bench, through the multi-member channel, as re-election; the athlete María José Alcalá and Karen Castrejón; there is no security that between the boxer Juan Manuel Márquez.

On the part of the Labor Party, the places insured are for its eternal leader, Alberto Anaya, as well as Pedro Vázquez and its current coordinator, Reginaldo Sandoval.

The Citizen Movement will have a safe space for Jorge Álvarez, Agustín Basave, Amalia García and Ivonne Ortega, among others.

And Morena will have the Tabasco politician and journalist Óscar Cantón; the former mayor of Venustiano Carranza, Julio César Moreno; the current coordinator of the Morenoites, Ignacio Mier; Miguel Torruco, son of the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco; to the former national president of the party, Yeidckol Polevnsky, and to Andrea Chávez, advisor to Senator Bertha Caraveo.

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