Heavy rain puddles Insurgentes Norte

MEXICO CITY.- Firefighters from Mexico City worked to clear the flooded water in Insurgentes Norte and Eje 1 Poniente, as well as another point of the road in front of the Forum Lindavista Shopping Center.

The water mirror affected three lanes in the direction of Indios Verdes, so motorists had to circulate in the confined lane of the Metrobús.

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In addition, another important accumulation of water was registered in the incorporation of Vallejo to the Circuito Interior and Insurgentes Norte, where it reached at least 60 centimeters in height in two of the 4 lanes.

The Vulcans continue to work and use motor pumps to drain the water and clean the grids of the sewers to remove the accumulated garbage in different roads, after the heavy rain that was registered mainly in the north of the capital of the country.

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The flooding affected main roads and caused long settlements of vehicles and breakdowns.

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