Wind gusts of 95 kilometers per hour are maintained during the passage of the meteor through the Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo.- Tropical storm Isaías caused strong rains and bursts of wind sustained 95 kilometers per hour as it passes through the Dominican Republic this Thursday, causing so far one deceased and minor damage in the country.

The winds and rain were especially intense in the eastern region and on the Atlantic coast, where Isaías is expected to leave the Dominican territory before midnight.

The center of the storm, the ninth of the Atlantic cyclone season, made landfall around 13:30 local time (17:30 GMT) near the city of San Francisco de Macorís (east) and was moving northwestward at a speed of 31 kilometers per hour.


The most serious event recorded so far is the death of a 53-year-old man, identified as Chiche Peguero, who died in El Seibo, in the east of the country, from the fall of a high-voltage cable, according to the Emergency Operations (COE).

Landslides and tree falls were also recorded, causing damage to homes and vehicles in various areas of the country.

In La Romana, six people had to stay in two churches; while the flooding of the Montenegro river left six communities partially isolated in the province of San José de Ocoa, west of Santo Domingo.

The strong rains They also affected 25 aqueducts, which left nearly 335,150 users without water service, according to data from the National Institute of Drinking and Sewage.

The effects of the storm were reduced in the metropolitan area of ​​Santo Domingo, the most populated region in the country, which spent much of the day in calm, before the first bursts of wind strong in the late afternoon.


The meteorological authorities anticipate that the center of the storm will leave the Dominican territory before midnight, but the effects of Isaías will continue to be felt this Friday, due to the dimensions of the cloud bands at the tail of the system.

The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) expects that accumulated rainfall of more than 100 millimeters will occur from Thursday night in Greater Santo Domingo and volumes of rains superior in regions of the interior of the country.

Due to the large volume of rains, the COE has decreed the red alert (maximum) in 15 provinces, half of the country, including the capital and the entire Caribbean coast.

The agency has warned that rains Continued can cause flash floods on the banks of rivers, streams and ravines this Friday, so those responsible for the COE maintained the level of alert throughout the Dominican territory.


The country has 2,396 official shelters with the capacity to serve 557,193 people, but due to the pandemic, each will operate only at 30% of its capacity, a situation that is expected to continue throughout the cyclonic season.

However, the director of the COE, General Juan Manuel Méndez, appreciated the fact that the curfew is in force, which prohibits going out on the street after seven in the afternoon in the regions most affected by COVID- 19 and from eight in the afternoon in areas with a lower incidence of the coronavirus.

« The curfew benefits civil protection agencies because people are not going to leave and because the work of protection agencies does not stop, » Méndez said at a press conference.