Heated !, Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta do not contain themselves

Heated !, Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta do not hold back | Instagram

Latin Lover did it again! Not only did Galilea Montijo warm up, Andrea Legarreta, Mariana Echeverría and company, but also viewers and even social networks with their movements in “It’s what there is.”

The beloved judge of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy and who was part of the Solo para mujeres show decided to entertain the beautiful Galilea Montijo and Mariana Echeverría for being the recent birthday girls of the Hoy program and for this, he had as accomplices some of the participants of The Stars Dance Today.

Latin Lover prepared with Lambda García, Raúl Sandoval, Silverio, Memo and others, rehearsing to present the show during the famous dance contest. The police, Apaches, firefighters and others did not wait on the dance floor.

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Definitely, Galilea Montijo enjoyed his gift and did not hide his euphoria at the dance of the boys, who moved with professionalism and complete appeal during the number. Montijo was speechless and decided to pass the microphone to his partner Andrea Legarreta because he could not control his Eurofia.

The driver from Guadalajara thanked her colleagues and assured them that she loved their gift. For his part, Legarreta questioned Víctor Reséndiz and company if they had an entrepreneur or if she offered to form the show to present it to the queens of the home.

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But the comedy came to a heated moment when Paul Stanley introduced himself as a Latin Boyler and surprised by standing up and showing off his prominent curves. Then it was the turn of Lolita Cortés, who ended up confessing not being a fan of this type of show; however, he accepted that he liked it and thanked the boys for their work, noting that they are handsome and charming.

Before sharing the dance, the images of the rehearsals were seen where the singer Pablo Montero could be observed, the women expected to see the actor also in the show; however, he did not show up.

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Latin Lover was questioned by Martha Galilea Montijo in the absence of Montero and indicated that he was not present due to his lack of commitment, since he did not attend the rehearsal the day before; something the women regretted.

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The judges concluded that the show “Es lo que hay” must be done, since the viewers and followers of these attractive men would surely enjoy seeing them dance in this way and live.

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