Heartless mother poisons her son of Hispanic descent to collect insurance

Ashely Marks / Jason Sánchez.

Photo: Texas Police / Courtesy

A woman identified as Ashely marks, was accused of poisoning her own son (who had with Mario Sánchez a man of Hispanic origin) with drugs and medications to collect life insurance for $ 100,000 dollars in Houston.

The little angel of only 6 years old by name Jason Sanchéz-Marks passed away on June 27, 2020 from an apparent overdose of methamphetamine, which according to the investigations were supplied by his mother, Ashley Marks 25-year-old who intended to collect life insurance for $ 100,000 dollars.

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Prosecutors handling the case filed a series of court documents in the county of Harris, with which they accuse the mother of having supplied large amounts of medicine and drugs to her son Jason, according to ABC.

According to the report presented, the child’s body had large amounts of chlorpheniramine and diphenhydramine, both available over the counter, as well as methamphetamine and cocaine.

After just over 9 months of research Ashley she was summoned to appear on Thursday April 1, 2021 where she was formally accused of having caused the death of her own son.

Given what happened, Mario Sánchez, the father of the deceased minor and who is of Hispanic origin, asked the woman to pay for what she did.

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