Hearthstone to return to its roots in the style of World of Warcraft

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Hearthstone, Blizzard’s card game continues with a very active community, but there are many players who miss it as before. For them, Blizzard Entertainment takes them back to their roots, almost like World of Warcraft did.

At BlizzConline, Blizzard announced the classic format for Hearthstone. It is a game format that will allow you to play Hearthstone just as it was before. This means that you can enjoy its basic mechanics and even have decks with the original cards.

The best thing about the classic format is that it will have full support. This means that by playing it you can get rewards and even participate in ranked games.

A new expansion for Hearthstone

At the presentation, Blizzard also announced Forged in the Barrens, the newest expansion for Hearthstone.

This is the first expansion of the card game era that will be known as the year of the tap. Among its novelties you will find new cards, more spells and 10 legendary minions.

You can see more about it in his preview:

Forged in the Barrens will be pre-ordered in a pack of 60 packs that will be sold for $ 49.99 USD. There will also be the Mega bundle, which will have 80 card packs.

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